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The Automatic Slitter  is designed for automated confection of foil, paper, self-adhesive tapes, protective films, directly from the roll. The machine is designed for cutting soft materials is equipped with a knife, for cutting hard materials - a saw. All tasks are performed from the operator panel via the PLC. The standard machine is adapted to the packaging of material with an internal diameter of the core of 76 mm. Maximum jumbo diameter 400 mm. The machine is equipped with a 7 " touchscreen operator panel.


The machine meets the standards of the INDUSTRY 4.0 project thanks to the fact that it is equipped with a GSM module that enables remote diagnostics and service. There is also the possibility of extensions to connect the machine to an internal production management network.


The role of the operator is to manually install the core with the coil, the next commands are given by the operator from the touch control panel. The machine automatically starts and ends the cutting cycle, according to the set parameters.




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