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The Automatic Stretch Film Rewinding Machine is designed to the automated rewinding of stretch film from a jumbo roll onto a roll of film, the so-called manual and machine.


The machine meets the standards of the INDUSTRY 4.0 project thanks to the fact that it is equipped with a GSM module that enables remote diagnostics and service. There is also the possibility of extensions to connect the machine to an internal production management network.


A solid structure made of 80x80 profiles covered with a sheet, specialized feet leveling vibrations, covers of rotating elements.


The role of the operator is to install the jumbo, fill the cores magazine and enter the parameters from the control panel. The machine starts and ends the rewinding cycle automatically. It is possible to equip the machine with a weighing module, thanks to which you do not have to convert meters into kilograms. Additionally, the controller controls the weight by calculating the number of meters of the current roll in relation to the preceding roll.



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